The following steps outline the process involved to secure the return of your unclaimed funds:

Step 1: Sign our agreement and return a copy of it to us by fax or regular mail.

Step 2: Once we receive the agreement, we will supply you with the information necessary to begin your claims process: The location of your funds, the exact amount due you, the original issue date of the funds and the original account or check number, all of which are necessary to complete your claim.

Step 3: When you have received the above information, you mail a letter and claim form that we have prepared for you to the agency holding your funds. Once you have sent the required letter, claim form and proof of identity, the holder will validate your claim and send you a check.

Step 4: As soon as you receive your funds, you mail us the amount agreed upon in our contract.

Whether or not there is a time limit depends upon the source of the funds. As time passes, your funds may become increasingly difficult to collect. Some agencies have a statute of limitations, after which time your funds become totally uncollectable.

When this statute of limitations expires, these agencies are legally able to absorb your funds. Even when there is no deadline, it is best to act quickly because you are losing interest when you are not in possession of your money. Why let the agencies that are holding your funds benefit? The sooner you reclaim what is rightfully yours, the better.

There is over 400 billion dollars in unclaimed money in the United States. Each year billions of dollars become lost and unclaimed when banks, companies, and government agencies lose track of the true owner.

The hours of painstaking research an Heir Finder devotes to obtaining information about the location of your funds is like locating a needle in a haystack. In order to obtain that information, auditors and research staff have worked many long hours with expenditures on office supplies, postage, telephone calls, and other research related expenses.

We ask you to honor the time we have devoted to obtaining this valuable information by signing our simple fee agreement and returning it to us, at which point we will direct you to the proper channels to claim your funds. Once you have reclaimed your funds, you will reward our efforts by sending us a check for the agreed upon fee percentage.

Payments are often lost due to postal errors and/or outdated, inaccurate or incomplete mailing addresses. One digit off on a zip code is all it takes for your money to become misplaced.

Your funds may also have become misplaced due to a company name change, merger or acquisition. Often, the holders of these funds are not motivated to locate owners because they benefit from keeping your property by earning interest off of your money.

These agencies rely on ineffective web search engines or notices mailed to the same “undeliverable” address where they attempted to mail the original funds with the expectation that these minimal efforts will reach the claimant. Some agencies would rather keep these billions of dollars in their coffers than take the simple steps required to help return these funds to the public.

It generally takes between 30-90 days to recover your funds after your completed claim forms have been mailed in. Depending upon the source of the funds, it may take longer. If necessary, we will supply you with the telephone number of the source holding your funds so that you can contact them directly and check the status of your claim.